Saarland University - Prof. Dr. Ingolf Bernhardt

Meetings of the European Association for Red Cell Research (EARCR until 1986 also known as European Red Cell Club, 2013 renamed in European Red Cell Society (ERCS))

1st Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, Summer, 1976 (formation of the European Red Cell Club) participants (photo below)

2nd Meeting in Sandbjerg, Denmark, June 6-9, 1978

3rd Meeting in Sandbjerg, Denmark, May 27-31, 1980

4th Meeting in Münchenwiler, Switzerland, June 1-5, 1982

5th Meeting in Jerusalem, Israel, May 28-31, 1984

6th Meeting in Visegrad, Hungary, June 9-13, 1986

7th Meeting in Cadarache, France, May 2-6, 1988

8th Meeting in Dundee, Scotland, July 10-12, 1990

9th Meeting in Torino, Italy, July 13-15, 1992

10th Meeting in Curia, Portugal, October 12-15, 1994

11th Meeting in Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia, April 17-21, 1997

12th Meeting in Otzenhausen, Germany, April 15-19, 1999 participants (photo below)

13th Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, March 31 - April 3, 2001

Prof. I. Bernhardt has been elected as the 1st president of the EARCR acting from 2003 - 2007

14th Meeting in Roscoff, France, April 24-28, 2003 (photo below)

15th Meeting in Murten, Switzerland, April 21-25, 2005 (photos below)

16th Meeting in Oxford, United Kingdom, March 15-19, 2007 participants (photo below)

17th Meeting in Triuggio, Italy, April 23-27, 2009

18th Meeting in Szklarska Poreba, Poland, May 12-16, 2011

19th Meeting of the European Red Cell Society (EARCR renamed in ERCS), in Forteiland, Ijmuiden, The Netherlands, October 10-13, 2013

20th Meeting in Roscoff, France, April 16-20, 2015

21st Meeting in Heidelberg, Germany, April 27-30, 2017

22nd Meeting in Monte Verita, Ascona, Switzerland, March 8-12, 2019